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For this purpose, he devises tariff laws, tax laws, relief laws, and school laws. Another effect of this tragic perversion of the law is that it gives an exaggerated importance to political passions and conflicts, and to politics in general. They violate neither his personality, his liberty, nor his property.

And the common force that protects this collective right cannot logically have any other purpose or any other mission than that for which it acts as a substitute.

Analytical Essay : The Purpose of Education

Since no individual acting separately can lawfully use force to destroy the rights of others, does it not logically follow that the same principle also applies to the common force that is nothing more than the organized combination of the individual forces.

One would turn back to this system to prevent the invasion of socialism. My hopes are much more than helping them learn to grow up and be successful students but I want to help make them better people.

This means being a keen communicator who is culturally aware and understands that global problems require local solutions, and local solutions are best developed with a broad spectrum of voices.

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712—1778)

I want to succeed in life so failure is not an option. Then the socialists say that we are opposed to any education.

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Teachers have many different roles in the classroom they lead, train and guide students. They think only of subjecting mankind to the philanthropic tyranny of their own social inventions. With this explanation, let us examine the value — the origin and the tendency — of this popular aspiration which claims to accomplish the general welfare by general plunder.

It is because they have already been decided by the advanced countries for us and our job is only to follow in their footsteps to achieve their level of progress. This is why the teacher has to find out what the student is lacking and try to help the student successfully achieve what they need to learn.

We must choose between them. However, what schools offer these days are facts and textbooks but not knowledge. There is no need to punish persons for pomp and dissipation, for they are unknown in Crete But it is also true that a man may live and satisfy his wants by seizing and consuming the products of the labor of others.

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Education encompasses our lives; it is the foundation of our society. Education helps to stimulate our minds and mold inquisitive minds into intellectuals.

The Purpose of Education

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The first and foremost purpose of education is to educate all students and give everyone equal opportunity as a means to succeed in life. It degrades education and through it the society.

In countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, essays have become a major part of a formal education in the form of free response questions.

Secondary students in these countries are taught structured essay formats to improve their writing skills, and essays are often used by universities in these countries in selecting applicants (see admissions essay).

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