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David Laws speech on grammar schools

Inthe government ordered local education authorities to start phasing out grammar schools and secondary moderns, and replace them with a comprehensive system. These schools were also the only ones that offered an extra term of school to prepare pupils for the competitive entrance exams for Oxford and Cambridge.

There are likely to be many barriers in the way of this ambition and it is not something we can achieve overnight. So this is not just a challenge for grammar schools, but for the whole education system.

With the increased emphasis on studying the scriptures after the Reformation, many schools added Greek and, in a few cases, Hebrew. In some areas, a cottage industry has grown up offering coaching for entry to selective schools. While many former grammar schools ceased to be selective, many of these also retained the name "grammar".

There is also an official program intended to provide sex education for students. Other studied topics, such as methods of birth control and infection prevention, sexual orientationsexual abuseand factual and ethical information about abortionvaried more widely.

We have made it easier to identify high-achieving pupils from low income families by asking primary schools to monitor the academic progress of disadvantaged pupils in key stage 2 increasingly closely, with better data available through the RAISEonline system.

There are people who will always resist change. Access was not universally available, and varied greatly by region. This is something I have thought about a lot and forms part of the programme of work we have been doing jointly with the GSHA.

Comprehensives were held up as less divisive, and pupils were said to benefit from the abolition of selection. This presents a challenge to you and to us. Out of the following statements, which one must be true.

But what about those disadvantaged children who are academically able and do already achieve level 5. My ambition is that all selective schools should aim for the same proportion of children on free school meals in their schools as in their local area.

Some opponents of sex education in Catholic schools believe sex ed programs are doing more harm to the young than good.

Your first, incredibly modest, job is to get these children into your schools. Current British grammar schools[ edit ] Today, "grammar school" commonly refers to one of the remaining fully selective state-funded schools in England and the 69 remaining in Northern Ireland.

The Grammar Schools Act made it lawful to apply the income of grammar schools to purposes other than the teaching of classical languages, but change still required the consent of the schoolmaster. In some schools the number of pupil premium or free school meal eligible pupils is actually single digit numbers.

By the end of the s, all of the grammar schools in Wales and most of those in England had closed or converted. They have introduced coaching resistant tests and are building close links with primaries to engage in a test familiarisation project. In other areas, pupils who pass the test are then ranked by admission criteria, which can include the distance they live from the school or whether they already have a sibling there.

Alongside this system existed a number of public schools and other fee-paying educational establishments. In other words this is not just something that can be blamed on grammar schools. The result was the Endowed Schools Actwhich created the Endowed Schools Commission with extensive powers over endowments of individual schools.

Government 'to introduce 20 grammar schools in working class areas'

Calling their creation the Tripartite System, education officials envisaged a radical technocratic system in which skill was the major factor in deciding access to education, rather than financial resources.

What is a grammar school. And the recent determinations on this are clear on that point - these schools are lawfully permitted to prioritise pupil premium pupils. Education was often a serious drain on family resources, and subsidies for school expenses were sporadic. In my first month as Schools Minister, back inI was sitting at my desk in the DfE one day when a pile of answers to parliamentary questions was put before me to approve.

Design of the system[ edit ] The basic assumption of the Tripartite system was that all students, regardless of background, should be entitled to an education appropriate to their needs and abilities. These education standards outline seven core topics that must be addressed in sex education; one of those core topics is identity.

Grammar schools: What are they and why are they controversial?

These schools included some very old schools encouraged to participate in the Tripartite System. Of the direct grant schools remaining at that time, 51 became comprehensive, opted for independence, and five were "not accepted for the maintained system and expected to become independent schools or to close".

Or are you opening up opportunities to all bright children regardless of their background, or can you do more. The debate about grammar schools seems to have been put in the political deep freeze - with no plans either to increase or reduce the number of what are extremely popular schools in their localities.

Government Minister praises Reigate Grammar School partnership programmes

It was said that the commission "could turn a boys' school in Northumberland into a girls' school in Cornwall". Grammar school students would take General Certificate of Education GCE O-levelswhile children at secondary moderns initially took no examinations at all.

As educational testing became more exact and subject to less class bias, an increasing proportion of middle class children were being sent to secondary moderns.

Write your answer in the answer box below. Next year we are extending the pupil premium to disadvantaged early years children, while raising the primary pupil premium, skewing the budget to the age range that makes the most difference.

News > Education > Education News Government to give £50m to expand grammar schools despite concerns over funding crisis 'The grammar school corpse has climbed out of its coffin once again. David Laws speech on grammar schools and it is at the heart of this coalition government’s education policy.

Pates Grammar School in Gloucestershire has held awareness events in local. PARENTS IN most parts of the country must be bemused by the sudden upsurge of campaigning to get rid of grammar schools and their unloved but inevitable stablemates, the secondary moderns.

Open Evenings at Townley. Townley is holding a series of open evenings for admission into Year 7 or Sixth Form in September - click the link above to find out when they are and what you need to do.

Welcome to Fort Pitt Grammar School, where excellence underpins everything we do. We are an innovative school, grounded in tradition yet forward facing, with a.

The government is set to introduce around 20 new grammar schools in areas considered “typical working-class” like the outskirts of Birmingham and other provincial cities, it has emerged.

Education grammar school and government
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