Eastern and western education

This is also due to the fact that Westerners consider emotional problems as something normal and always try to be optimistic about them.

Difference Between Western Christianity and Eastern Christianity

I had to drop out of Chinese system at Grade 4 as the Western English education demand morning and afternoon sessions. Twesigye John Ntamuhiira Hon. This is vitally important as it influences our choices and responses in life beyond school.

Independent Thinking and Working Collaboratively As a Western educator involved in teaching Chinese students as part of the push for them to learn English and fit in with western societythere were two differences that I quickly found most noticeable.


Both survived until the 12th century, when the school under the control of the patriarch of Constantinople—with teachers of grammar, rhetoric, and biblical studies—gained predominance. Now, if the many successful Chinese in China, USA, Canada, and Europe is a hint, the Chinese person do possess similar capability as any person in this world towards the ability to strive for the better.

At one time we experimented with giving a group of Chinese teenagers a big bag of mixed postage stamps, without specific instruction, to see what they would do with them. Eastern education, however, is an efficient way of training people to perform tasks that require quick and precise thinking.

Now my observation and comments based on this background: I was teaching a class of possibly lazy but also very wealthy Chinese students who were preparing to soon transfer to a school in Australia, and the intention of the school administration seemed to be to guide them into becoming more hard-working.

The disadvantage of this is that some students might study around the clock but still fail and this would terribly cut down the interest they have towards studies. Their official division occurred in the year in view of a progression of religious and philosophical contrast not just between the Latin West and Greek East but also in the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestants.

Presentations are also expected to be given properly with a clear voice and information, good time-control and stable eye contact.

Poland was reconstituted after the partitions of the s had divided it between Germany, Austria, and Russia. Thus, there is no motivation for the students to be active. In short, there develop philosophies and theories of education. The Chinese government, on the other hand, is managing a country of massive size, with an astronomical population and necessarily a very different system of government.

In addition to individual consequences, the education system also has an impact at the social level. I agree with the other writers that it takes many of the basic 6 elementary years to memorize these radicals and then more years to practice its use by reading and speaking. In contrast, western schools focus more on molding the character traits of students and fostering creativity and curiosity.

Some of them would have moved into sorting and arranging, but others would have been creating in other ways, and the room would have quite quickly become noisy and untidy. For a while, cooperative non-Communist parties were tolerated.

When China established diplomatic relations with the United States inAlbania also broke away from China.

The DiRectory

The empire was seriously weakened in when, as a result of the Fourth Crusade, its lands were partitioned and Constantinople captured, but until then it had remained a powerful centralized state, with a common Christian faith, an efficient administration, and a shared Greek culture.

The movement was demonstratively independent from both the Soviet Union and the Western bloc for most of the Cold War period, allowing Yugoslavia and its other members to act as a business and political mediator between the blocs. For them, the Pope is only a minister with a high position whose authority must be regarded by different religious administrators.

And will finally determine our values, the quality of our lives and the satisfaction we derive from life. Reply Report huaren Western education focuses more on writing and leading students to think about real-world problems. Teachers often have to rush through the textbooks to meet the deadline of every monthly examination.

Originality and extracurricular activities are highlighted and encouraged, activities like a donation contest, visiting an orphanage or building houses for the poor. Confucian based orientation is towards collective interaction rather than individuality.

Apr 05,  · A few of us believe that the entire Christendom is bound together as religious establishment, however it also has numerous divisions and splits just like the Western and Eastern Christianity churches.

Their official division occurred in the year in view of a. Honorable Thomas O. Rice, Chief District Judge Sean F. McAvoy, District Court Executive/Clerk of Court. The nineteenth century constituted a momentous turning point in the history of Africa.

Not only did it witness the end of the slave trade and the inauguration of legitimate commerce, the high tide of European imperial invasion, conquest, and pacification, but it also heralded the introduction of Western education.


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Education and Transformation Essay Transformative learning is the process of “using a prior interpretation to construe a new or revised interpretation of the meaning of one’s experience in order to guide future action" (Mezirow, ).

Eastern and western education
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